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The more readers read, the more they will become interested in an author or genre, and the more they will seek out similar titles. That interest leads the reader down new roads, some of which end up at booksellers such as myself.


Publishing in the Digital Era

Based on the 2010 study provided by Bain & Company for the Forum d’Avignon, by Patrick Béhar, Laurent Colombani and Sophie Krishnan, this infographic compiles some interesting facts and numbers presented in that report - that can be downloaded here (.pdf).

From the share of consumers ready to pay for content from online sources, to the impacts on the book industry, the Publishing in the Digital Era is a must-see for all of those interested in the future of knowledge dissemination.


Create an eBook of your Blog or Website

Apparently, if you’re a Kindle owner with a magazine subscription, and you decide to stop subscribing, the back issues you previously downloaded are also lost—for good.

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Hello e-books! US e-book sales tripled in 2010 to 90.3 million during last February. That’s about the same amount as the total number of ebooks sold during the first quarter of 2010. Even more impressive is that they’ve finally overtaken paper books. That makes for some happy trees!

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This February, US publishers sold more e-books than they did books in any other format, including paperbacks and hardcovers, according to a report from the Association of American Publishers. This marks the first time ever that e-book sales have surpassed those of all other formats.


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Amazon has announced a third, cheaper version of its Wi-Fi-only Kindle 3 device called Kindle With Special Offers.

At $114, the 6-inch device costs $25 less than the current Wi-Fi-only model and sports all of the same specs. The catch? Users will have to bypass the occasional special offer and look on sponsored screensavers from the likes of Buick, Olay and Visa when their devices are idle.

Amazon assures us that the screensavers are “attractive,” and is even trying to give consumers some power by letting them vote on the screensavers they would like to appear on their devices.

And here it begins… 

But seriously, putting my own personal opinion of ads in books aside (hate), many trade books have had advertisements in them for years in either the front or back cover, and magazines have become more and more dominated by glossy advertisements. The difference here is that these ads are not for other books or similar subjects, but for companies we see commercials for on Hulu. And that now Kindle users who opt out of these ads are essentially paying extra for for what they’ve had before: an ad-free device.

How do other people feel about this (particularly Kindle owners/lovers)?

By 2015, sales of eBooks in the United States are expected to triple to nearly $3 billion, according to Forrester Research. But the sea change has created a dilemma: what, then, do authors autograph at book signings?

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Motore di ricerca per ebook. Filtri per categoria, lingua, formato e prezzo (gratis non gratis). Link diretto alla pagina di download per i principali bookshop.

After doing an awful lot of research on the matter, I have decided to go Indie and give this whole ebook publishing lark a go. Here are several reasons why.

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